It’s time to Rethink your choices when it comes to face masks.

The Rethink Face Mask Filter-compatible cloth mask is designed with a filter pocket that serves to hold the nanofiber filter in place over the wearer’s mouth and nose.

Why choose a Rethink Face Mask Filter-compatible cloth mask?

  • The modular design creates a comfortable fit.
  • The mask design, using ear loops or ties, and different sizes, ensure that masks can be selected for different face shapes and scenarios.
  • Masks also come with optional fabric finishes for water repellency, flame retardancy, and antiviral and antibacterial activity.
  • All Rethink Face Mask Filter-compatible cloth mask designs have a wire nose piece to ensure optimal conformance to the wearer’s face and have been extensively field-tested and refined to ensure maximum user comfort.
  • The cloth masks are machine washable and can be disinfected with boiling hot water. The cloth masks are made from durable polyester warp knit fabric which is quick drying so as to ensure the user can continue to use the mask soon after washing.

Perfect fit

2 size options available

Nose piece

to conform to facial contours


and highly breathable for hours of comfortable use

Good Sound Transmission

in order for people to hear what you say


Machine- or hand washable

Optional Coatings

  • Water/blood repellency
  • Flame repellency
  • Antibacterial/antiviral

Use the mask with a nanofiber filter.

95% +

Particle Filtration Efficiency

95% +

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency






Environmental Waste

Type 1

Medical Face
Mask Filter